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This is the Golfzon HQ where R&D Is At The Heart Of What We Do.

The best Golf Simulators in the world

Advanced Simulation. Astonishing Accuracy.

More than 55 million rounds of golf are played on over 30,000 GOLFZON simulators worldwide annually.

Technology to improve your golf.

Play anytime anywhere

3 superb systems. Over 55 million rounds of golf on Golfzon played each year. More than 50 million rounds of golf are played on over 30,000 GOLFZON simulators worldwide annually.

Over 181 courses available worldwide.

Want to swing like a pro?

GOLFZON provide the most advanced golf simulators co-developed with tour professionals and golf instructors, therefore provides the most realistic golf experience.

GOLFZON’s 3D graphics technology vividly captures life-like details of famous golf courses.

Sensors accurately measure club and ball movement to visually project the most natural ball trajectory.

Astonishingly realistic.

The sophisticated and precise GOLFZON sensors precisely measures club trace, impact and ball reactions.

Superb measurements and graphics exactly reproduce the your play and after you can review your swing and putting actions with the captured video.

Go beyond your usual golf experience.

GOLFZON provides the most accurate simulation data by using an ultra high speed dual camera sensor system. Combining convenient statistics graphics, swing shot videos, fun features, and online interactive service.

Unlike other competitors our sensor reads the movement of all kinds of unmarked balls and shows calculate ball’s trajectory, direction, and spins.

Go beyond your usual golf practice with accurate analysis and full set of practice features on GDR.

Over 180 courses worldwide.

Built to provide the best in 3D graphics, GOLFZON uses CryENGINE technology, the most advanced program for replicating life-like course visuals.

In order to recreate each hole, high-end aerial drones, specially outfitted with laser technology are used to capture detailed images of the terrain. Detailed topographic information is applied to create the most natural looking courses.

Absolutely the world’s finest golf simulators,

Golfzon are the biggest selling golf simulators on the planet, by a long way!

An utterly irrestistable offer.

A Golfzon simulator Test Trial from only £69.99 pw. (+VAT)

Oh, and we'll pay your rentals back when you decide to buy.
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