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finest golf simulators

Golfzon are the biggest selling golf simulators on the planet,
by a long way!

For all golfers Just like the real thing, GOLFZON gives beginners and professionals real swing practice with accurate feedback, amazing club and ball & tracking lets players see true strike results, all with stunning real life graphics featuring the world's finest golf courses. Without a doubt the ideal way to improve consistency and lower handicaps.

For the Leisure Industry GOLFZON offers an excellent opportunity for revenue generation in bars, clubs, hotels, resorts, sporting venues and more. Enhance your members and visitors experience with what is proving to be great fun!

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Whether you're a PGA Professional, an amateur, new to the game, or whether you're looking for a means to generate revenue at your venue then take a look at these Golfzon systems.


For Pro's and Practice


For the leisure industry (T1 or T1 system)

An utterly irrestistable offer.

A Golfzon simulator Test Trial from only £97.91 pw.

Oh, and we'll pay your rentals back when you decide to buy.

Golfzon GDR System

Swing like a Pro!

GDR provides the most accurate simulation in the world. It must be, it's the chosen sim of the Korean National Golf Team. Find out more by watching the video.

Test Trial our system for a 6, 12, 18 month period. Prices start from £97.91 per week.

Watch the Golfzon GDR Video

Golfzon VISION T1V and T2V

Ideal for fun, provides excellent entertainment,
again and again and again...

The 2 systems are idential all but for the overhead or ground level sensors which depends on the space you have available.

GOLFZON VISION. Tested on real golf courses by professional tour golfers to prove its accuracy of flying distance, fade, draw, and other qualities, VISION is a highly advanced golf simulator. Watch the Vision video.

Test Trial our system for a 6, 12, 18 month period. Prices start from £107.80 per week.

Watch the Golfzon Vision Video

Excellent Revenue Generation Opportunities For the Leisure Industry

We have great rental and trial options for bars, clubs, hotels, leisure resorts, sporting venues, gyms, and more.

If you're looking for ways to generate revenue by providing a fun and sociable activity to your venue, then Golfzon may just be what you're been looking for. Already a popular attraction at one of the UK's leading leisure resorts our simulators are proving to attract users while clearly generating an income that easily pays for itself.

Calling all Golf Clubs
and PGA Coaches

Expand your offering to club members

Excellent for practice and teaching. Golfzon simulators provide the ideal 24-hour driving range and full golfing experience, no matter what the weather. Always available, always generating income for your golf club.

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