Golfzon Vision - Innovation of Golf practice

Tested on real golf courses by professional tour golfers to prove its accuracy of flying distance, fade, draw, and other qualities. VISION is the most advanced premium golf simulator.

Combining convenient statistics graphics, swing shot videos, fun features, and online service, golfzon VISION can be used for various kinds of golf business.

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Golfzon VISION

VISION is the ultimate system fun and entertainment... a sure fire way to keep customers coming back for more.

The VISION Golf Simulator provides the ultimate solution for any venue.


Measures club trace, impact, and spin with two high-speed to enable draw, fade, and trouble shots.


Equipped with a Golfzon auto tee-up and a wide plate, the VISION Swing Plate allows shots anywhere on the mat. 360 degrees of directional movement provide lifelike play by physically simulating course slopes from the tee box to the putting green.


Fairway, Rough, and Green Bunker Mats make your play very realistic.

Swing Replay Camera

  • Swing replay (recording and auto-save).
  • SAMSUNG 41 million pixels, Optical Lens.Swing replay (recording and auto-save).
  • Can be installed on the GS console internally or externally.
  • Model and specifications are only recommendations, subject to change.
  • GS System Console

  • GS system main & central control with supply unit.
  • OS : Genuine MS OS
  • Screen

  • Displays projected image from projector to provide 3D terrain and sense of distance.
  • Optional : Rope/velcro/quiet rope/quiet velcro.
  • Comes in a pair of 2 screens.
  • Customized sizes available.
  • Projector

  • Brightness : 6,000 Ansi Lumens
  • Resolution : Full HD
  • Model and specifications are only recommendations, subject to change
  • Foot Pedal Button Controls

  • One-touch button for functions such as ball feed, change target location and club, and touring for convenient system use.
  • Size(mm) : 403(L) x 176(W) x 38(H)
  • Auto Tee-up

  • Automatic ball feed during games for your convenience. (rubber tee is replaceable after use)
  • Minimum recommended ceiling height for installation 10.2(feet).
  • Card Readers and Membership Card (optional)

  • Allows automatic login to GS and easy access to other services. (Model : UDR-100IF)
  • FREQUENCY BAND 13,553 – 13,567 Mhz
  • FIELD STRENGTH 3,32dB(㎂/m) at 10m
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    A Golfzon simulator Test Trial from only £69.99 pw. (+ VAT)

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    Example Trial Rental Offer For The Leisure Industry

    A Vision T1 System (Single)

    It couldn't be easier to get your hands on the new Vision T1V or T2V systems.
    More prices available on request.

    • 36 months
    • £825 (+VAT)
      per month
    • Purchase price £35,650 (+VAT)
    • Security Deposit £3,000.00 (+VAT)

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