Golfzon continues to expand in Vietnam in 2019

Thanks to such enthusiastic responses of it’s pre-existing stores, Golfzon Vietnam is continuously expanding its direct store business by applying  the know-how in successful store experience of its 1st-4th stores. Golfzon Vietnam is planning to open three more stores in June and one more in July.

Golfzon Vietnam is trying to unify the concept of all stores to provide a comfortable environment. Also, they are striving to create a pleasant and hygienic environment by strengthening F&B including chicken, draft beer, coffee and meal menus, and exterminating harmful insects through regular hygiene checks. As a result of these efforts, F&B sales reaches about 18% of the total sales.

They also have several golf clubs in the store and offer a variety of customer services, including shoe dryers, free locker services, cell phone charger services and LED safety bars.

In addition, they provides members with a variety of membership cards available at all stores, such as loyalty cards, membership cards, and monthly fixed discount vouchers for using the simulators. Each of stores runs their own tournaments and events to encourage their customers as well.

In the early days, Golfzon Vietnam opened stores in areas dense withe Koreans. However, thanks to various new technologies in Golfzon such as Auto Tee-up Korean and Moving Swing Plate and the influence of Korean Wave, the number of local users increases.

Golfzon Vietnam plans to develop additional Vietnamese simulation courses and Vietnamese language packs. It will be an opportunity to expand the target from Korean to the upper class of Vietnam. A total of seven more stores will be opened this year, including the 5th-7th store that will be opened next month. It is expected to achieve tangible results by opening a total of 11 stores in just one year after entering Vietnam.


This is all due to increased market awareness and the clear understanding of it’s previous successes;

According to the VPGA (Vietnam Professional Golf Association), Vietnam's golf population has surged from 10 thousand to 30 thousand over the past five years, with 90 golf courses to be built over the next five years. Also, according to the "Status of Overseas Koreans 2017," published by the Foreign Ministry last year, about 1.2 million Koreans are living in Vietnam, including 50 thousand near Hanoi and 70 thousand near Ho Chi Minh.

In line with this change in the Vietnamese golf market, Golfzon Vietnam opened its first store in June 2018. They opened the second store in August, the third in September, and the fourth in November in a row and succeeded in opening four stores in the first year. While the current stores are located in the Korean business complexes and residential areas targeting Koreans, Golfzon Vietnam is now gradually expanding its stores to the local market in Vietnam.