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Scorecard. My swing replay. Compare with friends. Live tournaments. Ranking and more.

At last, a genuine reason to bring your smart phone on to the golf course. Track and monitor, share and review your game like never before.

The exceptional app. to take your play home with you

Know exactly how you've played... learn more in the comfort of your own home


GOLFZON simulator supports Stroke, match play, New Perio and various round options. Based on personal round records, users can review scorecard and shot data analysis. Also, you can communicate with friends by sharing round data or by SNS sharing function.

My Swing Replay

You can check your club swinging video and also see other users’ swings. If you share your swing replay, you can be recommended or communicate with users by reply comments.

Compare to

Compare your round record with your friends by various measures such as average score, flying distance, fairway hitting rate and so on.

GOLFZON Live Festival (Tournaments)

Find out online tournaments list and rankings. Ranking, Longest shot, Nearest to the pin, scores and swing replays are available.


Find out GOLFZON fellow users’ statistics such as Daily ranking, Longest flying distance, average score and so on.


See where is the nearest GOLFZON location.

An utterly irrestistable offer.

A Golfzon simulator Test Trial from only £69.99 pw. (+VAT)

Oh, and we'll pay your rentals back when you decide to buy.
(Cost subsidised by GolfzonUK - Enquire for more details)

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