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Step 1

Start by purchasing a Professional Golf Simulator Booth.
Compatible with most Golf Simulators on the market.
Sold at a fixed price of £5000. (+VAT)

Step 2

Then, we'll supply and fit a FREE Golfzon Simulator
(For a 3 Month Trial)
Complete with 180+ Pre-loaded Golf Courses

Step 3

After the 3 months are up you can:

  • Purchase the system and receive a £5000 discount off the Purchase Price.
    • You can even spread the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months at 0% interest.
  • Ask us to come and take it away.
    • Leaving you with a booth for a simulator of your choice.

How would you like to own
your own Golf Simulator?

Extra Details:

The only cost to you is the inital booth build (£5000 +VAT) which you own outright. Price is based on standard, 4M x 5M build and construction.

Enquire for full details and conditions.

Golfzon golf simulator in countries 300

Tournaments a day

Golfzon golf simulator rounds 55 million

The number of rounds played

Golfzon golf simulators in operation 30,000+

Golf Simulators in 43 countries

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This offer is a great way to give a Golfzon system a go before purchasing. Even if you don't like the Golfzon system, you can give alternative systems a try with the booth that you get to keep.

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